InVigor R5520P

Golden Age Canola

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InVigor 5520P Price

InVigor® R 5520P has established itself as a Roundup Ready hybrid variety with high yield potential in medium and higher rainfall zones. Combine this with outstanding harvest timing flexibility and it’s not surprising this variety is such an irresistible choice.

A variety combining high yields and the innovative PodGuard® trait is very difficult to beat, shifting the balance of risk so you can confidently leave your crop growing longer and gaining yield until you are ready to harvest.

The PodGuard® Paddock Advantage delivered growers an average yield boost of 11%** in 2015 and 13%** in 2016.

InVigor® R 5520P, windrow or direct-head later, and enjoy the extra flexibility and yield potential this variety has to offer.

**In both years, paddock demonstration trials involving PodGuard® varieties – 26 trials including IH51RR in 2015, 19 trials including both IH51RR & InVigor R 5520P in 2016 – were compared with NVT results in the same parts of Australia involving these PodGuard® lines versus competitor lines. The results confirmed the anecdotal evidence that yields for PodGuard® varieties improve in the paddock compared to small plot variety trials