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Golden Age Canola

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Reserving your supply of BASF canola seed for next season is simple.

If you already know exactly how much
seed you need for next season,
click this button to reserve it.

If you haven’t used the Estimate MySeed™
Calculator yet, click below to check
your requirements.

 Click here to find out how to sign up and make a reservation.

Once your seed reservation is complete, we will contact your nominated supplier and make sure your order is processed promptly once the seed is ready for distribution.

Since canola seed is still in production until December, all orders are subject to availability. In the unlikely event that there is a shortage of your chosen variety – or the seed treatments included – we will contact you to discuss alternative arrangements.

Booking your seed supply early doesn’t require a deposit or early payment. In fact, using our new Pay@Harvest™ extended terms, you can postpone payment until November 30, 2020.