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Planting rate calculator

Make precise planting decisions and work out the most efficient planting rate using information from your bag or seed certificates.

Determining the appropriate planting rate for your canola seed can be a daunting process. Each certified lot could have a different seed size, meaning your machine will need to be calibrated each time.

This calculator is split into three sections, with input cells in grey and output cells in orange.

Section A: Calculate your sowing rate/hectare

Simply enter the seeds per kilogram (from your bag or Section 3), your target population of plants per hectare, the germination percentage (from your bag or certified seed certificate), and your estimated field establishment percentage in the grey cells. The field establishment percentage is aimed at taking into account losses after germination, based on disease, pests, soil types or your experience from previous years with the machinery you will be using.

The calculator will provide the seeding rate in kg/ha so you can calibrate your machine.

Section B: Calculate how many plants/hectare you will achieve

If you are aiming to sow at a set kg/ha rate, enter the sowing rate/hectare, seeds per kilogram (from your bag), and your field establishment percentage (see above) in the grey cells.

The program will calculate the plant populations you are likely to achieve.

Section C: Convert Thousand Seed Weight (TSW) to Seeds per kilogram.

Simply place the TSW in the grey cells.

The calculator will convert that number into the seeds per kilogram figure, which you can use in Sections 1 and 2.


      INPUT        OUTPUT
A. Seeding rate    
  Seeds per kg     
  Target population plants per square metre     
  Germination percentage   %
  Field establishment percentage   %
  Seeding rate kg/ha   3.1  
B. Target plant population    
  Seeding rate kg/ha     
  Seed per kg     
  Field establishment percentage   %
  Germination percentage   %
  Population plants per square metre   52.9  
C. Seed weight conversion    
Note: To convert Thousand Seed Weight(TSW) to seeds/KG, divide 1000000 by the TSW.    
  Thousand Seed Weight (grams)     
  Seeds Per Kg   240964