The PodGuard Paddock Advantage

Golden Age Canola

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Experience with commercial crops has shown that PodGuard® varieties typically perform better in the paddock than in replicated trials in small plots. In 2016, data from growers showed an average difference between commercial crop yields of PodGuard® varieties and NVT trials of +13%. This has been termed the ‘PodGuard® Paddock Advantage’.


We put the difference down to regular, low levels of shattering that occur under normal conditions, without the dramatic impact of a storm or an extremely hot day.
The longer the crop is standing, the more non-PodGuard® varieties are likely to shed. In that same period, PodGuard® varieties can continue to add yield. Variety trials are normally desiccated and harvested at ‘safe’ timings that suit shattering varieties but are typically too early to show the full advantage of the PodGuard® trait.

The additional time all commercial crops are usually given allows PodGuard® varieties the chance to gain that ‘paddock advantage’.