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Golden Age Canola

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The BASF MySeed™ program is designed to give you more certainty and security – from the time you select your seed all the way to harvest.

The combination of services makes choosing and using BASF hybrid canola easy, and helps you get the full value out of any seed you select. Add in our new Pay@Harvest™ extended payment terms and the total package is very hard to beat.

Click on the below icons for further information about each MySeed™ service or to get started.

Test exciting new varieties in your own paddocks.

Found a variety you like? Click to reserve your seed and secure your supply.

If the weather lets you down and the crop fails to establish, we'll replace your seed for the following season.*

Work out exactly how much seed you need and how much it will cost with just a few clicks.

Getting your sowing rates spot-on is the key to a solid financial return. Just follow the prompts.

Pay nothing on delivery, after sowing or even through the establishment phase. There is no need to pay a cent until deadline day: November 30, 2020.