Trial MySeed

Golden Age Canola

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The Trial MySeed™ program allows growers like you to carry out demonstration trials on your own farm and see how new varieties perform in your soil and local weather conditions.

The program helps you plan for future seasons, and plays an important role in the testing and assessment of new canola varieties.

Over the next few years, growers who take part in the program will also get an early look at some exciting new traits. We will use your feedback to get a clearer picture of their manageability and commercial potential.

The results from each trial are independently analysed by the team at Precision Agriculture. Their state-of-the-art analysis reduces the impact of paddock variability on the outcome of the trial, so we can all be sure that the results recorded are an accurate reflection of the varieties, traits and products tested. This information is collated with similar trials so that product performance can be measured Australia-wide.

If you're interested in joining the Trial MySeed™ program, please email